Got An Idea?

Got an idea? We Can Help!

"Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it."
Ezra 10:4

Got a Passion for Mission?

Let us help you indulge it! Along with the many service opportunities through Way of Service, Peacemaking & Social Justice, and the Refugee Ministry, the Mission & Service Ministry sets aside money for requests for Mission projects from the congregation. THAT MEANS YOU!

The special project fund supports members of the congregation who have a passion for Mission and need financial support to make that Mission a success. The criteria for these projects are described below. Let us help you help others!

Evaluation Criteria for Mission Funding

1-Relevance to our church vision

We strive to foster mission projects, partnerships, and causes that reflect our church’s fundamental vision.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a growing church that is spiritually alive to God and actively caring for others. This vision sets us on a journey, calling us

  • to worship Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior
  • to respond to the needs of people through caring ministries of healing and hope
  • to celebrate our diversity of perspective while affirming our unity in Christ and, through the Holy Spirit,
  • to grow in our discovery of God and our mission in the world.

2-Involvement (and passion) of congregation members in and for the project/cause

We want to encourage our congregation to get involved in mission projects and causes so they can experience the joy, peace, and satisfaction that come from living out our faith in service to others. Many church members are extremely passionate about specific causes such as peacemaking, homeless ministry, housing repair, service to the elderly, and partnerships with churches in Third-World countries. Therefore, we will favor a project or organization if a church member is directly involved and willing to be an internal champion of that cause. These organizations and projects will be favored over simple requests for money, particularly if no one from the church is linked to that organization.

3-Ability to make a significant difference

The Mission and Service Committee receives countless funding requests and petitions for support. Even after narrowing funding requests according to the first two criteria, we still must often choose one organization over another. While we would love to fund all remaining organizations, the amount per group would be so small as to make no significant difference. Therefore, we favor projects and organizations where our contributions can truly make a difference rather than be a drop in the bucket of a national campaign.

4-Opportunity to foster spiritual growth in our members and congregation

Opportunities occasionally arise where a congregation member feels the call to serve and learn through association with a mission-oriented organization. As a result, we occasionally will sponsor an individual member's participation in mission projects and trips. We also help sponsor CLUE Caravan and the Intergenerational Trip each year for the same reason. In these cases, the funds are offered with the expectation that the sponsored individual or group will share their experiences with the congregation, offering insights into what they have learned and how they have grown as a result of the experience.

5-Accountability of the organization

We are called to be responsible stewards of our church’s resources. As a result, we research requests for support to ensure the organization delivers on its mission promise.

The Request For Mission Funds form is found <here>.