Quotes from Past Outdoor Adventure Participants (Anonymous)

"I have recognized aspects of leadership in myself that I was afraid to before."

"I feel a stronger connection with God now. I have always wanted to reach out to others, but sometimes I have held back. I have found an inner strength and connection with God that has enabled me to reach out more frequently and to share my love with others."

“I felt a connection with God stronger than any I have ever experienced—a moment of awareness that took my breath away and caused my heart to suddenly crumble.  God was so great and present and unavoidable for that moment.”

“The desert left me more open to the presence of the Spirit. I feel closer, without so many barriers and 'busy' thoughts to overcome. I would like to hold onto this openness through prayer, journaling, drawing, and overnight solos. The solo was a powerful experience! I want to incorporate solos into my regular life.”

“As I sit here reflecting on where God might be leading me, I keep thinking of Dad. Off and on this morning I have wept over him. For the first time since Dad died, I feel God weeping with me. I keep imagining Jesus sitting on the rock across from me or next to me with his arm around me as we weep together. For the first time in a long time, I'm feeling comforted and loved by God. Has God been here all along and I'm just now letting him in?”

“I had no relationship with God and I didn't really have any desire to do anything but sleep (and eat of course.) I cannot believe how much this trip changed my life. It's funny because I never expected that it would have impacted me the way that it did. Being in the wilderness-apart from all of the stresses and pain that I left behind, and around people that I genuinely enjoy being around, lifted my spirits. I can't tell you when the moment hit because there wasn't a definite moment, but when I got home, I knew things were different.”