Pastor Nominating Committee Process

What is the process for calling a Senior Pastor?
Below is a checklist that lists the steps that are part of the search for a Senior Pastor.

checkMission Study Report approved – November 2015

checkPNC elected – January 2016

checkPNC prepares Ministry Information Form (MIF) – April 2016

  • Includes job description, compensation package, key information about the church

checkPNC begins advertising the position – May 2016

  • Presbyterian Church (USA) website
  • Networking around the country

checkPNC receives resumés from potential candidates

  • PNC screens and selects top candidates

boxInterview and reference checks

  • Phone interviews
  • Onsite visits
  • In-person interviews

boxPNC selects nominee and extends a call

  • Sets terms of call with Session approval
  • Presbytery approves nominee and terms of call

boxCandidate preaches and is elected by Congregation

boxChurch welcomes new pastor!

How long will it take to find a new Senior Pastor?
We anticipate it will take anywhere from nine months to over a year to identify the best candidate.

How will I know what is happening?
It is essential to maintain confidentiality with the candidates. However, we can expect periodic updates on the progress of the PNC and you can visit the church website to view the checklist. As each item is completed, a date will be added.

What can I do?
Keep the PNC and Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church in your prayers.