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Discipleship Programs and Classes

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The winter/spring Discipleship classes will explore ways to grow and live out our Christian faith in our everyday lives. While some are offered as a series of classes, you do not need to attend all the classes in a series.

Classes are held Sundays at 11:30 am-12:30 pm in Soulé Hall, unless otherwise indicated. All are welcome.

Facing Racism In The Church
Community And Beyond
January 5
Taught by Rev. Hardy H. Kim and Mission & Service Elder Betsy Brittle

RacismHow do we define terms like racism and white supremacy? How do we confront the sinfulness of racism? God’s desire is to create one human family, diverse in every way, but united in love and faithfulness to the one true God. Join Pastor Hardy and Betsy Brittle as we courageously confront the racial challenges of our time. Learn how the PC(USA) is dedicated to the difficult and rewarding work ahead in taking hold of God’s vision for humanity and living it out more fully in our churches and communities.

What You Need To Know About The Voter’s Choice Act And 2020 Census
January 12
Coordinated by Elder Judi Pogue and taught by educators from the League of Women Voters of Cupertino-Sunnyvale

Voters ChoiceAs you prepare to vote in the March 3 primary, learn about the changes made as a result of the Voter’s Choice Act, enacted by California in 2016 to make voting more convenient and accessible. Santa Clara County is one of five counties that will operate under the new Voter’s Choice Act. The class will also address the 2020 U.S. Census, which will determine the number of Congressional representatives allotted to California and influence the amount of funding the federal government sends to states, cities, school districts, and other local agencies.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter
From Birmingham Jail
January 19
Taught by Barry Vickrey, Discipleship elder

MLK's Cell DoorIn honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we will explore Dr. King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail. In 2018, the PC(USA) General Assembly approved an overture to commend the letter to the church for study as a resource that provides prophetic witness to inspire, challenge, and educate both the church and the world. The overture also initiated the process by which the letter could be included in the Book of Confessions. This class will provide a summary of the historical and societal context of the letter and then explore Dr. King’s courageous words, composed while he was incarcerated for leading a campaign of direct nonviolent resistance against governmentally sanctioned racial discrimination.

Praying Beyond Words:
Bringing All That We Are To God
January 26; February 2, 16, and 23
Taught by Spiritual Advisors Jim Peterson, Eleanor Whitney, Judy Beggs and Rev. Dr. Libby Boatwright

PrayerIn this four-week class and practicum, we will look at a broad understanding of prayer as relationship with God—a relationship that involves all our human faculties, not just words. We will look at and practice prayer through such modes as silence, movement, music, and creative activity. And we will place these in the context of listening as a primary aspect of prayerful relationship with God. At the same time, we will explore “Sorry, Help, Thanks, and Wow” as key orientations in prayer.

Paul’s Letter To The Romans
March 1, 8, 22, and 29
Taught by Dr. Bill Prior, Professor Emeritus, Santa Clara University

Paul's Letter to the RomansMartin Luther called Paul’s letter to the Romans “the most important piece in the New Testament.” It deals with many subjects central to Christianity, such as the role of faith versus observance of the Law, the relation between Christianity and Judaism, the nature of Christian life, and obedience to the government. In this class we will examine Romans in its literary and cultural context, as a letter written to some Christians in Rome in the mid-first century, by a man whose mission was to show that the gospel was meant for gentiles as well as Jews. We will try to understand what the letter meant at the time it was written, as well as what it means for readers today.

Profiles In Faith’s Journey
April 5, May 17
Taught Rev. Dr. David Bowman, retired UCC pastor

Profiles in Faith JourneySomeone has proposed that each believer experiences continuous conversions along the way. Scripture tells us of the burning bush for Moses, the well at Bethel for Jacob, the Damascus Road for Paul. If then we journey toward a city not made with hands, it may be well for us to identify the landmarks by which we have come. On these two Sundays, Pastor Bowman will conduct a discussion with a journey companion who will share a few personal road markers. All are invited to attend and trace their own steps along “the Way,” as early Christians called their faith.

PC(USA) Mission Work
PC(USA) SealApril 19
Sponsored by Presbyterian Women and Mission & Service Ministry

A PC(USA) mission co-worker will describe and discuss our denomination’s work in a specific mission location. Mission co-workers serve around the world in evangelism, education, community development, health ministries, peace and justice, and interfaith dialogue in partnership with churches and organizations in the countries in which they serve. Come to learn more about our denomination’s outreach to the world.

Bible Study
Bible StudySundays, 8:55–9:45 a.m., Room 304 (Bldg 300)
Taught by various leaders

Join us for 50 minutes between the Early Light and 10 a.m. services for this popular Sunday morning study. The class will use a standard set of questions to explore the scripture reading for that Sunday’s worship services. The study will emphasize new insights on how the scripture relates to everyday life.

Other Classes

Safe Church Training

The Safe Church Training classes are part of SVPC's program to ensure a safe environment where children, youth, and adults can grow in their relationship with God. This 90 minute class includes viewing of two half hour videos titled, “Safeguarding God’s Children.” Child care and snacks are provided. Pre-registration is helpful but not necessary