What Is a Small Group?

Small groups at Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church are a great way to get plugged into our church community. In these groups relationships are strengthened, friendships are formed, and support systems are put in place to help navigate through our journey of faith and our daily lives. We know that it can be challenging to get to know people on Sundays, so we encourage you to connect with others in a more personal way through the many groups that exist here at our church. Groups at Sunnyvale Presbyterian have various foci and meet in different places throughout the week. We hope you’ll make the effort to check out some groups and see where you may most feel at home!

Study Groups meet weekly or bi-weekly to consider a passage of scripture or a topic in light of our faith. The participants in these groups desire to grow in depth of understanding of faith while encouraging and supporting one another through prayer and care.

Prayer Groups meet to lift up one another, the church, and others in prayer. These groups can be a great place to grow in confidence in praying and to join with others who are committed to praying for our community!

Carol Heath
Director of Community Life
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