Spiritual Direction - Companionship for the Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Direction LogoSpiritual Direction is having an experienced companion on our journey toward God. The spiritual journey is the most important path we travel in life. How we experience and understand God and our relationship to God shapes who we are and how we respond to life. 

By listening, above all, yet also by reflecting, emphasizing, and questioning, a spiritual director helps the traveler to uncover, examine, and savor his or her experience of God. Like a midwife, the director assists at the birth of awareness of God, holds that experience up for the directee to behold, and hands it back for him or her to embrace, name, and nurture.


“My heart does not rest until it rests in Thee.”

St. Augustine

Why Have a Spiritual Director?
The spiritual journey is life’s most important and challenging task. Yet it is a path from which we are readily distracted by the press of life, or on which we often get stuck. Having an experienced companion on the journey can help keep the foot on the path and the journey moving forward.

Who Should Consider Spiritual Direction?
Spiritual direction is for anyone who deeply desires to know and to grow closer to God and, in this process, to discover one’s self, relationship to others, and calling.

What About Prayer?
Prayer is at the heart of our relationship with God. A director is likely to encourage you to share experiences from your prayer life and to be diligent in prayer, and will offer suggestions about prayer if you want.

What Happens in Spiritual Direction?
Spiritual direction is like a conversation between spiritual friends that focuses on how God is being experienced in daily life. The directee chooses what to talk about and how much to say.  The director listens attentively with love, and also listens for God’s Spirit, which is always present. By reflecting back what has been heard, drawing attention to key aspects of what has been said, gently asking a question on occasion, and perhaps offering a suggestion or an experience from the director’s own life, the director seeks to raise the directee’s awareness of God’s presence and activity in his or her life. This permits the directee to deepen and to savor this experience and to become more open to God’s love.

How Often and Long Do We Meet?
Meetings typically last one hour. Meeting time and frequency is up to the directee. Typically, from once a week to once a month is chosen.The direction relationship lasts as long as the directee wants to continue.

Spiritual Direction is offered by trained persons from Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church and other churches in the Presbytery. Individual direction may be arranged by appointment. Group direction can be offered for interested groups. Contact any person below for more information.
Judy Beggs 650-949-4087
Jim Peterson 408-431-3240
Joan Rosselle 650-269-5538
Diane Schouten 408-296-3550