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August 6, 2017–CARAVAN Sunday

CARAVAN 2017 Theme

CARAVAN 2017 participants led in worship as they shared how they saw God at work, in the challenging moments they experienced, and in times of incredible grace, during their service and learning trip with the Yakama Nation in Washington.

Colossians 2:11-17 (Tma'aak conversational style)
And in Creator’s son, Yeshua, you Indians from all the tribes have become relatives who are set apart from all others as Chosen People. Not because you have the same mom and dad, or the same grandparents, or the same way of life, but because of the same faith you have that Creator brought his dead son back to life again, because of the way he is working in and through you, and because of the great Water Ceremony you participated in. There was a time when the bad things in your life were killing you. You had left the path of beauty. And it was destroying your spirit and your body. But Creator brought you back to life, just like he did his own son, by washing you clean of all those bad things and putting you back on the path of beauty. He did this through Yeshua who gave his body for the good of the people in the Once-For-All ceremony. That ceremony washed off those things that were killing your body and spirit, and put you back on the path of beauty. Creator also exposed how shameful those bad things were in your life through this Ceremony. By the way, since Creator’s son, Yeshua, performed the Once-For-All-Ceremony, don’t think that sweating, or dancing, or eating the sacred foods, or singing the sacred songs are what’s going to make you a holy person. Our ceremonies aren’t bad things—they were given to us by Creator himself! But they aren’t really what’s going to make us holy people. They’re only glimpses of the Once-For-All-Ceremony that Yeshua performed by sacrificing his body so the people could live.

CARAVAN 2017 VIDEO :: YAKAMA Nation trip highlights (July 15–22)