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December 3, 2017—1st Sunday of Advent

Today's Message :: Awake To Hope
Rev. Hardy Kim

One Advent Candle“The new world of God is beyond our capacity and even beyond our imagination. It does not seem possible. In our fatigue, our self-sufficiency, and our cynicism, we deeply believe that [the new world God promises] could not happen here. Such newness is only poetic fantasy.

In Advent, however, we receive the power of God that lies beyond us. The power is the antidote to our fatigue and cynicism. It is the gospel resolution to our spent self-sufficiency, when we are at the edge of our coping. It is the good news that will overmatch our cynicism that imagines there is no new thing that can enter our world.”

--Walter Brueggemann, Celebrating Abundance: Devotions for Advent