“ And then he asked Him ~ who is my neighbor?”--Luke 10:29

The demographic reality of America, and of California in particular, is shifting from a majority culture to a majority of minorities. Responding to, and embracing the diversity that immigrants bring to our communities will require us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our immigration system, the challenges faced by newcomers to the United States and above all, will require us to practice compassion and respectful dialogue in an often heated debate.

Our Immigrant Mission Action Team is committed to:

  • Learning about the issues—we meet monthly to discuss immigration issues and learn from experts in the field.
  • Creating a space for open dialogue—we partner with the Discipleship Ministry team to host engaging adult learning classes and public lectures on topics related to immigration.
  • Building bridges between receiving and immigrant communities—we mentor first generation college students from immigrant families, in partnership with Amigos de Guadalupe, Center for Justice and Empowerment in East San Jose.

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