“ And then he asked Him ~ who is my neighbor?”--Luke 10:29

Three Refugee Children - Ben Paul 1999Refugees are people who, because of war, religious intolerance, and cultural oppression are forced to flee their homes, leaving behind all they have known for an uncertain future. There are roughly 13 million refugees in the world today. The majority are women and children. Most refugees move home to their communities when peace and stability return to their country. Resettlement in a third country, such as the United States, is the last option, and is available to only a tiny fraction of the world's refugees.

Roughly 450 refugees are resettled to Santa Clara County each year, the majority coming through Catholic Charities as “free cases”. These are singles and families who have been approved for resettlement to the U.S. but do not have relatives or friends to sponsor them. Catholic Charities provides this service. We as a church help provide hospitality and sense of community to our new neighbors.