Church Staff Directory

For general information please contact the Church Office at 408-739-1892 or .

Pastors Head of Staff
Associate Pastor
Parish Associate
Parish Associate
Parish Associate
Parish Associate
Parish Associate
Administration Church Administrator
Director of Community Life
Marketing Manager
Director of Technology
Senior Accountant
Contributions & Membership Specialist
Administrative Assistant to the Pastor
Pastoral Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Children's Ministry Acting Director of Children's Ministry
Associate Director of Children's Ministry
Child Care Coordinator
Inclusion Coordinator
Youth Ministry Director of Youth Ministry
Assistant Director of Youth Ministry
Youth Administrative Assistant
Music & Worship Worship Director
Early Light Music Director
Music Coordinator for Morning Worship, Organist
Chancel Choir Director
Choir of Bells Director
Facilities Maintenance Engineers
Luan Nguyen

Outreach Director, Presbyterian Early Learning Center
Director, The Music School