Safe Church Policy Statement

Safe Church Task Force Update

In early 2020, our Director of Youth Ministry, Addie Domske, convened a task force to update SVPC’s Safe Church guidelines to fit within our modern digital spaces. We are grateful for the team: Addie Domske (Youth Ministry), Richard Collins and Adam Lee (Children’s Ministry), Debbie Shaver and Carol Heath (former Safe Church policy crafters), Marsha Dyslin (Safe Church Database Manager), and Kris Peterson (parent and mental health professional) for their time and energy to update our already comprehensive Safe Church guidelines. The group has been meeting once a month since March to adjust, update, and consolidate these vital guidelines that work to keep all of God’s children safe. You can read up on SVPC’s current guidelines here. We expect to present our updates to Session in the fall.


Safe Church LogoThe vision of Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church is to be a growing church that is spiritually alive to God and actively caring for others.

In keeping with that vision, the congregation of Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all children, youth, and adults who participate in ministries and activities sponsored by the church. The Safe Church Policy reflects our congregation’s commitment to preserving this church as a safe sanctuary for all who enter and as a place in which all people can experience the love of God through relationships with others.


Why This Policy?

As members of Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church, we wish to create an environment in which everyone can grow in their understanding of and relationship to God. We especially wish to support our children, youth, and volunteers in this endeavor.


From our pastor, the Rev. Hardy Kim

Rev. Hardy KimOur congregation is committed to providing a safe environment where children, youth, and adults can grow in their relationship with God. To this end, The Safe Church Program was introduced at SVPC in 2009.

The purpose of the Safe Church Program is to create a safe sanctuary where all of God’s children can experience the love of Jesus Christ through relationships with others.  We believe that effective ministry for everyone, but especially children and youth, requires relationships with caring, loving, and mature people who can demonstrate God’s love to them. The Safe Church policies and procedures are intended to keep these relationships and all aspects of ministries with children and youth safe. They are also designed to support the staff and volunteers who work with children and youth, providing appropriate guidelines, boundaries, and support that they need to be effective in their roles. 

Creating a safe environment is not just the responsibility of those directly involved in ministry activities; it is the responsibility of the entire congregation. By fostering awareness of appropriate behaviors in the presence of our children and youth, we will witness and practice Christian love and respect for one another. Over 350 adult and teen volunteers and staff members have been Safe Church trained and certified. This number continues to grow. I’m very proud of the way in which our congregation has embraced and supported this program.

I am thankful that our church is so committed to helping children and youth discover God’s enduring and amazing love. Thank you for your continued support in making our church a safe and nurturing place for all of God’s children. 

Grace and peace,

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