Stained Glass Windows

Formless Void
Let There Be Light
Dome to Separate the Waters
Water Gathered into One Place
Lights in the Dome of the Sky
Two Great Lights
Swarms of Living Creatures
Living Creatures of Every Kind
Humankind in our Image
God rested on the seventh day
Communion Cup
Communion Bread

Worship ministry invites you to take a look at the stained glass windows in the sanctuary. Begin your walk on the parking lot side at the back just outside the main worship space where the theme represented by the windows that flank the side door is baptism.

Now enter inside the worship space where the 10 windows on either side represent creation as depicted in Genesis:

  • Formless void, Genesis 1:1-2
  • Let there be light, Genesis 1:3-5
  • Dome to separate the waters, Genesis 1:6-8
  • Water gathered into one place, Genesis 1:9-13
  • Lights in the dome of the sky, Genesis 1:14-15
  • Two great lights, Genesis 1:16-19
  • Swarms of livings creatures, Genesis 1:20-23
  • Living creatures of every kind, Genesis 1:24-25
  • Humankind in our image, Genesis 1:26-31
  • God rested on the seventh day, Genesis 2:1-3

The windows on either side of the chancel, at the front of the worship space, speak of communion--the cup and bread. Back in the narthex, just outside the main worship space, on the office side the windows reflect Trinity and Easter.

The large window in the balcony (not pictured) represents the Holy Spirit.

During each time of day and season, a myriad of colors shine through the windows. We encourage you to visit the sanctuary and enjoy the beauty of the colors and their story of our faith.