Intersections at 5 p.m.

On Sunday afternoons our 5 p.m. worship service seeks to connect faith with our daily lives. It's a crossroad that allows us to straighten out our priorities and to remember that God is God and we are God's people. We worship God as Creator of all, acknowledege Jesus Christ as the light of the world and depend on the Holy Spirit as our guide.

Worship is casual but energetic and may be augmented by interactive elements, art or drama as we seek to engage every part of our being in worship before God. We often stand to sing and many feel free to clap and move to the music. We remember that the point of worship is always to focus on God. Come, now is the time to worship!



The high-energy music at Intersections celebrates the joy and freedom of worship we experience in Christ, drawing on work from a wide variety of contemporary composers such as Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Tommy Walker and Israel Houghton, as well as originals composed by our talented team of musicians. Intersections’ guitar-driven music style features tight vocal harmonies with a solid foundation of drums, bass, guitar and keyboards. You can’t help but stand up, sing out and even dance in celebration God’s goodness and mercy!



Intersections Music TeamThis contemporary music team consists of talented musicians dedicated to the role of encouraging and leading the church before the throne of God through relevant and quality worship.  Participation is by audition and interview with the team.

Joe Don Heath, Intersections Music Team
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